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What is Christian Fellowship and how did it begin?

In 1983, a group of men and women began seeking a closer walk with God, not really understanding where it would lead. It was their hope to bring life to the denominational work to which they then belonged...but God had a better plan. He led this small group of believers to form a new work in December of 1983. In early 1984, Christian Fellowship was begun with about 35 members. In that year, the present church facility was constructed and in the fall of 1984, George Ferrington was anointed of God to pastor Christian Fellowship. The road has not always been easy, but, in faith, anointed men and women of God sought His face for divine guidance, and God has been faithful to His people. The body of Christian Fellowship has grown to over 500 that now call this their church home.

Spirit-led teaching, preaching and praise and worship create an atmosphere in each service to bring the body into unity before the Throne of God. The Gifts of the Spirit are welcome in our congregation. We believe that our purpose is to spread the good news of the Word of God. This is accomplished by ministry, tapes and written word. God has recently led us to begin this website as a further outreach to our community and the world. If you should like more information about this ministry and our mission, we can be reached at the mailing address, the phone number or the e-mail address shown below.

Christian Fellowship Word Ministries, Inc.
994 Willie Hill Road
Gilbert LA 71336
(318) 435-7522
Fax (318) 435-7523